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Over, Under, and through-standing

Around and around and around and around,

Over, Under, and Through.

These are the words of Grover, and it is our proposition that

they carry a good deal of weight.

It is a grave error, graver than most, to try to jump too quickly

to Understanding.

Also rather dangerous.

Bad ankle fractures are a serious possibility

When one tries to jump to under standing.

Better to absorb first. Listen first. Hear first.

Receive data before imposing your pair of dimes onto the world.

Experience comes first. It takes a lot of experience to build a wisdom.

One is always tempted to underestimate that requirement.

And without enough data, without open eyes and ears and hearts (all of them),

One's attempts at wisdom become mere parrot times.

Around and around and around and around.

Let the poems fall like rain.

Let the words rinse between the toes and under the fingernails of your mind.

Like rain, their lines are random in length and often do not

Rhyme proper-


Let them. It's OK. They aren't hurting you.

A good bath never hurt anyone

Except wicked witches.

Rather than standing under a payroll thyme,

Or imposing a pharoah dye (mmm)

Listen with eyes open and hearts open and ears forward

And bathe in good wholesome non-


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