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New Insights into the Problem of Vision

Brilliant flashing truth is here: In the village of fog, clarity is rarity

Partly flying through the lazy nothing of contentment,

Partly blazing in motionless crystals of logic,

It is always here after a fashion, crashing into the empty nation.

Brilliant flashing truth is here: Its absence tells its entire tale of terror

Traded for used food and approximate appetites,

Swaddled in desires without objects,

A tourniquet of treacherous teachings from traitors.

If we must become worse to conquer, victory is worthless.

The glory we can only achieve by submitting to defeat

At the hands of the bottom of ourselves

Is no glory at all, and

Brilliant flashing truth

Will devour it whole without so much as a hiccup.

See clearly, see clarity, see rarity, see everything in a crystal of nothing.

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